Winterization is one of the most effective ways of extracting CBD oil from hemp plants, and while we soak the extract in alcohol and freeze it this help to separate the residual product to ensure we are getting as much CBD oil as we possibly can. Depending on how the oil is extracted  there could be unwanted or unhealthy things may have been left behind in the finished product. At Elixinol we love going the extra mile and have addition steps to assure that our oils are purified with no lipids, waxes and any other residuals.

How winterization is done

Winterization can also be known as the alcohol bath where it helps to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant with using CO2, nitrogen along with butane and other solvents. With the first steps we take the plant itself raw and place it within an ethanol that heats up the plant and then finally freezes to filter out the unwanted products. After that we than warm it up once more to approximately 120 degrees and will not be frozen again until all the solvent is evaporated, and then we add the alcohol solution needed to filter out the waxes. The last step is repeated several times until the oil is pure with a green tint and has a dark maple syrup like consistency. The green tint is from the chlorophyll of the plant itself and often when trying to remove it from the oil we end up losing many cannabinoids as well and doesn’t help the product keep its concentration of cannabinoids.

Positives and negatives of winterization

There is no perfect way to get the oils extracted from the plant, and unfortunately every procedure has its drawbacks whether it be money or time that’s required.

Using winterization helps is to have a pure final CBD oil that contains fewer terpenes and also helps to make it more potent. When you remove the terpenes this has better benefits to your health. So if your looking for a product that has powerful and beneficial effects than Elixinol has the products for you.