Hemp Strains

Most of the strains that you see that have very high potency of CBD usually have been bred with other plants that also contain similar levels. More cannabidiol and less tetrahydrocannabinol that way you can have all the amazing benefit it can offer without having the “high” or impaired feeling. CBD is a rich natural product that contains no type of psychoactive properties.

Although both marijuana and hemp contain THC they both have completely different levels of potency. Usually when it comes to CBD or hemp it contains only 5-10% of THC. When it comes to using hemp you can receive so many benefits by one simple plant. Industrial hemp is grown in such a way as bamboo stalks and just like them it contains a woody core material.

Cannabis sativa have been highly influenced over the years and many more people seem to be fascinated with the “high” but for those of us out there that can’t deal with some of the negative side effects we turn to CBD for our quick medicated relief.

Below you can find the Hemp strains that contain high levels of CBD:

  • Harlequin
  • Cannatonic
  • Sour Tsunami
  • Valentine X
  • Zen

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