Liposomes and what they do

Being new to the hemp world it can be a bit strange knowing that you could take your CBD products in a multiple variety. This can be a bit confusing especially if you don’t know what liposomes are. It’s really simple because liposome can come in a spray and help to even approve absorption for CBD. It helps to protect it against the harsh compounds like stomach acid that help to deconstruct and digest food and other contents.

Phospholipids is fat that has a phosphate attached and allows for it to mix with a “water-based” substance. Water solubles are like batteries that have one positive and negative charge and are to mix with other water solubles but not fat. That’s why when you try to mix water with oil they go around one another because they cant mix.

Liposomes may solve the oil/water solubility challenge for cellular absorption of

Even though many of our body parts and organs are made out of water the nutrients still need to pass through and enter the bloodstream which is made of fat. This means that when we have simple compounds such as vitamin C it needs a transporter to attach itself to. When the nutrients mix with the fats and other fat solubles this can be a big specific benefit of liposomes. Protecting the cells it allows for nutrients to be moved through the watery outer world.

Liposomes may improve drug delivery for pharmaceutical applications

Working with both fat and watery solutions it helps to protect those vitamins such as E or C that way the body can get the max absorption of the vitamin. Liposomes have been shown to even deliver less toxicity and will soon be a promising new thing in the pharmaceutical world that will help to better people’s lives.

Improving CBD delivery

Even though the research still needs to be conducted forward we can see that Liposomes will act as an anti-inflammatory and help to protect certain vitamins and minerals that our body easily digests out.  CBD is insoluble in water, and was proven in a study done on rats that the CBD was “significantly accumulated” due to the effects of liposomes.

So why not start enjoying your everyday benefits just a little bit faster with Lipomes an amazing product that will help you start living a healthier CBD life today!

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