Hemp and Cannabis on the Map

The rise of hemp and cannabis had spread like wildfire when many users started expression the benefits that it was able to provide to them. Acting as a therapeutic benefit many have reported when consuming tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it can be psychoactive and sometimes give off negative side effects. While THC was able to produce another strain also known as hemp or  cannabidiol (CBD). This was shown to have no negative psychoactive traits but was still able to give the body that therapeutic relief that it may have been looking for.

THCV is similar to THC

THCV and THC are very similar when it comes to giving the same effect. They are both psychoactive and was shown the THCB can have a suppressor effect on the CB1 receptor when taken a lose doses. This shows that it is able to give the same effects of THC whole also activating and helping to produce anandamide which is also another cannabinoid process that our own bodies produce on their own.

THCV as an appetite suppressant

It was shown that one of the effects of THCV was that their appetites would be suppressed. When trying to re conduct this experiment using a large dosage of THCV was unable to replicate the same effect. They figured if THC is reacting to the body and then CBD is added it cancels out the effects that THC may have tried to induce on the body. This could be an amazing weight loss formulation. There is a rising problem when it comes to overweight and obesity among people and that’s because the CB1 receptor is being overstimulated. When consuming THCV it will act as a suppressant on your CB1 receptor blocking out the constant craving. When using this type of supplement it is still essential to maintain an healthy diet and also to keep exercising normal to break the habits of overeating.

Failed Rimonabant trials show there is need for a solution

There was a drug that was released by the name of Rimonabant which was supposedly used for an appetite suppressant, but was later taken down for its life threatening side effects that would cause people to go into depressions or even suicide. THCV can help with this and won’t cause you any negative effects towards your health or it is a natural supplement.

Another positive thing THCV can do is act as an anti-inflammatory agent which could relieve pain, swelling, and other discomforts.

Overall THCV is just like CBD or hemp it is here to show promise and benefits for those who consume it and are looking for some type of relief or resolution.


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