Cannabis has been shown to do many things and benefit us in many ways to have a better and healthier lifestyle. When we take CBD it can act as a preservative where it helps things from decaying or falling apart even more. CBD fights again neurodegenerative disease and can act as a protective agent minimizing the oxidative stress that it puts on the body.

Oxidative stress

This is one of the main stresses that is responsible for many disorders that can affect us in our everyday lives. When we have a lack or over stimulation to the body it can react in an Oxidative stress and can be the root cause of these multiple disorders: Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and even some certain forms of cancer. One of the main effects that Oxidative stress can have is to speed up the aging process. While we can’t really eliminate it altogether the human body can have a way of producing antioxidants that can help to neutralize the effects.

With effect of free radicals in our bodies if it outweighs the number of antioxidants in the cell than it cans start to effect the equilibrium and can cause this Oxidative stress. With smoking, excess intake of dietary antioxidants or even exercise can affect the production of radicals.

Antioxidant & neuro protective benefits of CBD oil

When the body contains an overload of too many free radicals in the body causing an unstable molecule survival and leads to damaging cells with impairing their functions. With taking Antioxidants, it will help repair the damaged molecules and begins to act as a neutralizer against the oxidation effects, and also help to support the immune system.

You should always have the proper amount of antioxidants in your body either thru a pill form or even just eating normal citrus fruits such as apples with berries, but also other non fruit such as potato, beans and pecans. Lets not forget CBD as well  1, 2, 3).

Neutralizing free radicals

One of the great things that CBD oil is recommended for protecting against neurodegenerative disorders and other brain related injuries because CBD acts as a neutralizer against the free radicals that attack the cells from within.

Just like any other type of the body the nervous system ages and research done to brain cells are the most vulnerable to go through inflammation and damage first. In healthy young brain the neurotransmitters are able to function properly by sending info through the synapse (space between neurons) and bind to certain parts of the brain. When the communication between neurons becomes insufficient it can damage the synapse and cause neurodegenerative disorder. Adding into your normal diet such as drugs, caffeine, alcohol abuse, stress and even poor diet can help to causes all levels of the neurotransmitters to be out of within optimal range and can help to cause neurodegenerative disease.

Taking advantage of the Endocannabinoid System

Even when people try to provide themselves with the healthiest life structures it can still lead to the decrease in the neurotransmitters which is completely normal because there is no age defying component that could help with this. We can take advantage of the endocannabinoid system and other brain functions and even though we cant stop aging we are able to help active and let it function properly with using CBD oils.

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