The US Election May Have Been Cannabis Legalization Inspiration.

Four states in the USA legalised cannabis for adult recreational use, this isn’t considered a personal win for us but is the first small step in achieving a personal freedom. The wave of legalization doesn’t just stop there but looks even better with the results of the election.

One of the main state to stay conservative is Texas. It had 5 new proposals having to deal with cannabis once the election was over. 3 of the main ones were: reducing the penalties for having cannabis, allowing for voter to decide on medical use, and also allowing voters to vote for recreational use and being able to sell it like normal things such a fruits and vegetables. Wether 1 of any of these laws will be passed is still unknown. With senator Nick Scutari has seen the benefit to cannabis and how it can create more jobs, fewer people in prison, and help people benefit socially.

Washington DC eases restrictions

Washington DC as well has lightened up on their restriction of recreational and medical use. The District of Columbia did vote to allow those who are medically approved able to visit other states and go to one or more dispensary. The possession limit also rose up and now people are able to have up to two ounces.

International changes in cannabis legalization

Cannabis is making it way across the country and moving into places such as Italy or Germany. It has become recent that cannabis clubs can acts as a very positive thing toward society. When holding a petition to show the government its support and came back with 17,500 people who also agreed on the support of cannabis.

In Germany there is a secured agreement with the Democratic Party to add a new revised drug policy to the coalition agreement. Just along at the Cannafest they were able to obtain 1,500.

Change is on the horizon

Around the world everything is changing, and the world of cannabis is becoming more popularized because people start to find the amazing benefits it can provide. With the possibilities being endless we can see something amazing happening in the future for cannabis.

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