Having more than 200 phytochemicals within hemp also known as terpenes, and terpenoids.

They also contain cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC) Hemp is known for many of the 60 cannabinoids that help to support health and well living benefits. Also the number if terpenes depends on the strain and include the terpene borneol.

A Borneol is also known as the bicyclic monoterpene. This is a molecular structure that has two rings that are fused together. One ring is larger than the other and it is known as limonene, while the smaller one is caryophyllene which can be described as minty and give off a cooling sensation. It was also shown to hold natural insect repellent abilities.

For centuries, borneol has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, most commonly as an ingredient in topical preparations.

Possessing pain relieving abilities Borneol has been able to help those who suffer with pain by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Borneol was seen as a more effective beneficial medicine when it came to treating pain than an over the counter anaesthetic. Borneol was also seen to have healing effects that help to reduce the growth of fibroblasts that inhabit their production of collagen. When you have an overproduction of collagen this could lead to fibrosis and cause big amounts of scar tissue. Unfortunately this type of tissue can have no benefit to the body and can even impact it negatively by disabling certain types of bodily movements.

There was a similar test done on mice where they had been given large doses of borneol and had reactions of improved collagen density. It also helped to balance out modulate the amount of collagen being produced which may help to assist in therapeutic effects.


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