Synthetic Cannabinoids

We have discussed this whole time the natural cannabinoids and CBD that can be found, but  what about synthetic cannabinoids? What exactly is the difference between the two?

Well as you can tell in the name synthetic cannabinoids are chemicals that mimic the effects that can be produced by cannabinoids. The main difference can be found in the lack to cannabis from the sativa plant.

Synthetic cannabinoids are actually made up of  8 classes that variety in forms of solids to oils. Just like herbal cannabis it can have different effects on the human brain which can be similar to binding affinity to the cannabinoid CB1 is greater than that of natural THC.

When having a stronger impact on the CB1 receptor than the CB2 is releases effects that are psychoactive just like how THC can influence the receptor.

With doing further research synthetic cannabinoids are  2 to 100 times more powerful than Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Although having great benefits such as anti-inflammatory- anti-seizures, and even to stop the growth of cancer cells it can have negative side effects that can impair one’s judgment. The effects are something like anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, and can even cause chest pains. With prolonged use of synthetic cannabinoids it can cause seizures, kidney failure, and heart attacks. It is NOT safe to take synthetic cannabinoids even though the market will tell you otherwise. It has its own various health risks and side effects that do not imitate the nature pure real Cannabinoids found in hemp.

How to recognize synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids have been associated with significantly more side effects than the natural Cannabis plant. They can also be identified by many other names such a Dragon Puff, Kronic, and also sold in some herbal mixes. The effects can be harmful and unsafe for the user even if it acts as some type of pain relief. It hard to look at the product and determine if it is real or not unless otherwise tested in a lab. The best bet is to look online for a place just like Elixinol that specializes in CBD and hemp products. We always know exactly what goes into our products and that our customers will be satisfied.

The take-home idea here is that synthetic cannabinoids are not safe and should not be consumed for recreational purposes.