Hemp Oil

Hemp has been around for centuries  and we as human beings have been able to use it in a variety of ways. From clothes to medicine we are finding more things out about hemp as the research continues. Hemp Oil often gets confused with THC but they are two completely different things and CBD can not get you “high” or impair your judgement at all. The extracts are rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids which have been shown to provide us with many vitamins and minerals with also improving our diets for a healthy life.

Elixinol Hemp Oil Drops 100mg CBD are rich and full of CBD content. The way the oil is extracted is through a process that Elixinol provides named  CO2 extraction which helps to preserve the oils meaning the product is not synthetic and not an isolate.

Elixinol hemp oil drops contain no THC. The extract is viscous with a dark amber color and characteristic taste and smell.

The CBD oil is easy to use with a dropper and bottle that contains 3600 mg of cannabidiol. The oil contains many things like synergist cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenoids of the original plant. There is also other compounds like MCT from coconut, organic peppermint oil and cinnamon extract.

Storage of your hemp oil

The bottle should be stored in a cool room that is protected from direct light and heat. For the best use it is recommended to refrigerate after opening the bottle.

Available flavors and recommended dosage

Providing us many vitamins and minerals it is recommended to take a serving size of 0.5 ml under the tongue up to 3 times per day. Elixinol provides its hemp oil with an availability of flavors such as cinnamint and natural flavors while also still providing the many options on however you’d like to consume your CBD.

Uses of hemp oil drops

There is plenty of variety at Elixinol to solve everyone’s needs. It works great as a dietary supplement which can be used with your hair or skin for moisturizing and also massaging. Using CBD oil on your skin can help restore youthful and richer skin.

Hemp oil also reduced the LDL cholesterol levels to fight against clogged arteries. It doesn’t just stop there CBD also helps to fight arthritis, heart disease and depression while still providing our bodies with easy to digest proteins that the body needs to survive.

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