CBD vs THC Effects

CBD has always been associated with THC even though they come from they same root they both are very different when it comes to side effects. THC has also been shown to influence CB1 receptor which helps to benefit our health but has side effects that can have negative effects too powerful that many people put it down. CBD on the other hand is actually shown to also give these amazing benefits that THC can provide. CBD influences the other receptor we have which is the CB2 while still giving no type of negative effects of impairment.

Potential side effects of cannabidiol (CBD)

It has been tested time and time again what the side effects will be with CBD. It’s in fact natural and toxic free ands has never been known to kill or cause serious types of impairment.Below you can find the six main side effects that have been reported by those who consume CBD.

1)Inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism

In a study done by NCBI, Safety and side effects of cannabidiol was shown to activate a liver enzyme known as  cytochrome P450 doses of CBD thinking that it may have a greater effect even though it wont can cause the P450 to act make the liver act as a neutralizer when it comes to over the counter medications being absorbed and spread throughout the body. It’s always best to take the recommended doses and ask your doctor if your body is in good health to start CBD.

2) Dry Mouth

Also referred to as cottonmouth CBD can act as a block for salvation causing the the secretion to dry. Acting on the first and second receptors it can cause this minor effect that is only temporary and can be fix very easily. Simply eat or drink something to remoisten and get everything functioning to what it once was before.

3)Increased tremor in Parkinson’s disease at high dose CBD

Before taking any type of CBD for medical use it is always best to talk to your doctor and know what is the right type if CBD to look for. Talking to your doctor is the best way to know and do further research to the effect of what CBD can do for Parkinsons, and in many studies it was seen to be a safe and well-tolerated  medical use.

4)Low blood pressure

When you consume CBD in high doses can often lead to lightheadedness and it is always best to once more check in with your doctor especially of you already take medication for such low blood pressure.


When you have a sudden drop in blood pressure you can become light headed and even blackout in serious cases. This is only temporary and will usually resolve itself by usually eating or drinking something to balance your body back up.


You should never take high doses of CBD before working or operating heavy machinery. Used in high doses can make you tired, but when you consume it normally the way it should be it can act as a  wake-inducing agent.


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