The Process to Achieving our Oils

Here at Elixinol we use industrial hemp plants that we have bred with other plants that also contain high concentrations of  cannabidiol. When using both the stalks and the seeds of the plant we are able to achieve the natural components of the plant the process we use to do this is known as Super-Critical Fluid Extraction technology.

When doing this method we have learned that we can get most of the 400 phytonutrients that are within hemp plants. This process also doesn’t use any type of heat to achieve the product this helps for easy absorption and a dosage of 18% CBD.

In our blog, you can find numerous things that CBD can be used for and things that it has been used and the amazing effect that were produced after. You can really see what cannabidiol can do for you!

Our CBD oil ingredients

There are some ingredients within our oil that is used to help absorption rather than give an effect. In each hemp oil drop that you ingest it is known to have all the ingredients below:

  • alcohols
  • aldehydes
  • alkanes
  • amino acids
  • cannabidiol (100mg per 30ml)
  • terpenes
  • flavonoids
  • glycosides
  • ketones
  • nitrogenous compounds
  • pigments
  • sugars
  • vitamins
  • water

Most of the vitamins and minerals are essential for everyday functional living. Amino Acids being number one because they help to repair the body while also supporting and boosting the immune system. With the encouragement of absorption it helps for the body to receive the medication faster and feeling relief sooner.

Flavonoids help too!

Receiving an additive free product that also contains all the beneficiary products that hemp can deliver. Flavonoids also give color to our product and show the natural colors of the plant. Flavonoids also help to act as antioxidant and as an anti-inflammatory solution.

We keep our CBD oil ingredients all-natural/organic

Here at Elixinol we don’t like using any type of artificial ingredients because we want out product to be safe for all users of all ages. We ensure you that our CBD drops will not cause any allergic reaction or unpleasant side effect. Here at Elixinol our products are 100% natural and organic containing no heavy metals and definitely no pesticide or THC.

If you would like to purchase our CBD oil, or other hemp products, please visit our online store.