Cannabidiol and Insomnia

Many of those who have stumbled upon CBD are wondering if it could help with insomnia like all the other great benefits it provides. About one billion people suffer from insomnia each day, and even though the person may be cranky or exhausted the lack of sleep ┬áthis also causes their increase on obesity and cardiovascular disease to affect them later on in life. This is why it’s such an important question of CBD can have a positive effect on insomnia to help those of suffer find relife.

Insomnia is often stress-related

There are three different types of insomnia and even though the main cause of insomnia is unknown we can link it to one basic cause and that is stress. With people who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, CBD was able to help them significantly by lowering their negative side effects like cognitive impairment, and discomfort.

People who suffer are always searching for a type of relief and over the counter medications can sometimes be dangerous when you grow accustomed to the effect and feel like you would need a stronger dose. In 2013 alone benzodiazepines caused 30% of lethal drug overdoses in the USA.

How does CBD affect sleep?

In a study there was mixed evidence on whether or not CBD could act as a sleep air. It was shown to cause the alpha brain waves to increase while setting aside the delta waves which are known for sleep. Which was strange and not determined as a real life use reaction. When looking further into the compounds many of the hemp sleep aids that are within are terpene beta-myrcene. Linalool is another terpene that can have sedative properties.

Everyone is different in this world and what may work for others may not always work for you. It’s important to do more research and have the thought of having other natural remedies.

If you think CBD might help with your insomnia, please check out our CBD products page.