Elixinol™ is a CBD hemp oil  produced from industrial hemp. The hemp used in this process is from a non-psychoactive naturally bred hemp  which contains high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD oil). Using only organic farming methods, the hemp is grown for Elixinol™ CBD oil in optimal locations in Northern Europe which results in the highest purity (18% CBD) and quality.

Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes

Absorb cannabidiol faster and easier than before with Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes.

Elixinol™ CBD Oil Liposomes use pre-dissolved cannabidiol that is then added into microscopic liposomes. Using natural phospholipids, the technology is safe with research showing a healthy cellular delivery of CBD oil. Elixinol™ CBD oil has no isolated or synthetic cannabinoids – Elixinol only contains full-spectrum hemp extracts.


The X-Pen 1000MG of CBD Hemp Extract

After researching the best delivery methods of CBD Oil, Elixinol™ invented the revolutionary X-Pen. This new system dispenses CBD hemp extracts in precise serving sizes. Every time you use the X-Pen’s twist-and-lock dispensing mechanism, you receive 15mg Hemp CBD Extract, while also preventing waste from spills. The X-Pen’s hermetic cartridge allows for airless delivery, keeping the 1000mg of CBD extract protected from unwanted air and bacteria.

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Elixinol™ Hemp CBD Oil Capsules are extracted from specially bred industrial hemp plants that contain high potency cannabidiol. All our hemp is organically grown and CO2 extracted. Our capsules contain all the synergistic cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenoids, and other powerful compounds from the original hemp plant. A container has 60 capsules and contains 900mg of CBD hemp oil. A single capsule includes 15mg of CBD and other valuable nutrients.

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